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All expenses for Niall Blackborough

Niall Blackborough: All expenses


What did we call him?

Niall Blackborough


When did he emerge?

22nd April 2019 17:46

Sex & Birth weight

What were his vital statistics?

Male & 3.458kg (7lb 10oz)

Total expenses

How much to raise Niall?


Number of expenses

How many purchases have we made?

696 (View all)

Top Essential expense

The grandest expense?

£409.00 (Car seat)

Top Non-Essential expense

The grandest expense?

£557.00 (Center parcs)

Top Hobby and Interests expense

The grandest expense?

£147.00 (Shotgun MTB seat and handles)

All expenses for Niall

The table below lists all the expenses assigned to Niall, filter and search the data using the options below.

All expenses for Niall
Expense Date Categories Total Allocation Amount
Alphabet and numbers posters 9 Mar 202309/03/2023 Essential / Education £8.99 100% £8.99
Bing's first 100 words 14 Nov 202214/11/2022 Essential / Education £3.99 100% £3.99
Come out Mr poo 13 Apr 202213/04/2022 Essential / Education £7.98 100% £7.98
Shoes 5 Jan 202205/01/2022 Essential / Education £44.00 100% £44.00
Winnie the Pooh book 3 Oct 202103/10/2021 Essential / Education £16.19 100% £16.19